Build a World-Class Charging Experience


a Charging system that tells you how to fuel up for cheaper

Charging an electric vehicle presents a new customer with unexpected electricity cost increases of 30% – 50%. But it doesn’t have to.

With Nanogrid, an EV or EVSE can tell their driver which electricity rate will be cheapest for their particular combination of home and charging habits. That’s the kind of user experience that can propel adoption of electric vehicles from early adopters to the masses.


a charging system that automatically sets up smart charging

Electricity rates, nationwide, are transitioning to complex, time-of-use pricing schemes that the average consumer has little chance to be familiar with.

Nanogrid can provide you with structured data about the customer’s rate, so that the the charging system can automatically program itself to charge at the cheapest time, reducing charging costs by up to 2.5x in some locations.


a charging system that your customers love to engage with

Nanogrid’s service enables OEMs to continue building brand value by re-engaging with customers with there are opportunities to reduce charging costs.

Utilities release new electricity rates on an increasing cadence, shifting charging habits like switching to workplace charging, and changing time-of-use seasons are perfect examples of times to re-engage with the customer to build the trust that you have their back.

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a PRE-SALES estimation tool THAT converts more customers

Electric vehicles are a novel segment that can scare away customers if they don’t feel like they understand the costs associated with the new technology.

Nanogrid’s API can simulate vehicle charging at a potential customer’s house, giving them an accurate estimate of their operating costs which increases confidence in your product and results in more sales.


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