Personalized Home Energy Management


energy management capable enough to find the CHEAPEST rate

In many progressive electricity regions of the US, the largest contributing factor of a homeowner’s electricity cost is not the quantity of consumption, but rather the electricity rate that they’re on. Nanogrid’s software can enable your technology to find the best electricity rate for their home with the capability of reducing energy costs by 200%.


energy management powerful enough to control devices

In order to effectively control energy devices in a way that minimizes electricity costs, energy management software must have the intelligence of when a home’s electricity is cheap. That’s exactly the kind of intelligence Nanogrid provides. By simply connecting to their utility account, Nanogrid can provide energy management companies with meta data on the time-of-use windows for the electricity rate their customer is on.


energy management smart enough to breakdown costs

By leveraging in-depth knowledge of customers’ rates, Nanogrid’s API can provide energy management companies with accurate cost information for a given device’s load. This pricing information can then be utilized by end-customers to drive behavioral change and minimize bills.


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