Nanogrid Has Joined Arcadia!

Nanogrid has been acquired by leading clean-tech company Arcadia, which makes it simple, easy, and affordable for residential electricity customers to choose clean energy. No matter where you live or whether you rent or own your home, you can connect to the highest standards of clean energy. 

Arcadia is making good on its mission to make clean energy accessible to all Americans. We're excited to join them and make sure the energy that charges your car comes from clean, renewable sources.


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Nanogrid Provides a Patent-pending software api that bridges smart meter data, utility rate data, and advanced modeling software to personalize energy products for every home.

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Optimize electricity rate For home + new device

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Automate smart usage of devices for off-peak times

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Simulate & report electricity cost OF devices


Build Better Home Energy Products With Nanogrid


Increase Digital Conversions By Saving Customers An Extra $1000/Year

Nanogrid’s API can simulate the usage of any home energy product (EVs, solar, storage, etc.) for any home, providing prospective customers with accurate operating cost estimates. In addition, the API can find the cheapest rate for the combination of home and new appliance, further increasing savings potential by up to $1000/year and driving more customer conversions.


Build Share-worthy Onboarding Experiences

Nanogrid’s API can provide device manufacturers with time-of-use data for the tariff a customer is on so that the appliance can be automatically configured to use electricity during the hours when that rate is cheapest. Improve the return on investment for customers and create an onboarding experience they want to tell their friends about.


Drive User Engagement With Novel Product Features

Nanogrid’s API can calculate the historical cost of consumption of any appliance in the home by factoring in the home’s current tariff. Nanogrid’s API can also detect when a cheaper electricity rate is available, notifying customers of a savings opportunity. By providing feedback on operating costs, customers can further tailor their new energy device to their needs and are more likely to refer new customers.


Want to learn more? Explore a consumer-facing demo application of our technology at or email us at to view our API docs.


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The Team


Dan Lopuch

CTO & CoFounder

Dan is a software startup veteran. He has leveraged data to build many products varying from monitoring outbreaks of infectious diseases in healthcare to predicting and minimizing costs of multi-million dollar cloud infrastructure deployments to consumer-focused analytics platforms. Dan has led engineering teams, been the principal engineer at startups with successful exits, and holds a S.B. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Jon McKay

CEO & CoFounder

Jon is a serial entrepreneur and Forbes 30 under 30 awardee with a focus on product design. Out of Olin College of Engineering, Jon co-founded Technical Machine, a IoT company that made hardware development accessible to web and app developers. Technical Machine raised over $1MM from True Ventures, shipped more than 10k products and earned over $1MM in revenue. In 2017, Jon co-founded HC3 Energy, a company that provided Energy-as-a-Service to homeowners which merged with Nanogrid in 2018.